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Hybrid Records is a unique groundbreaking Record Label with head offices and studios in Cairo - the heartland of Africa / Middle East - and San Francisco.

Hybrid Records is the first label of it’s kind recording live performances from ancient Nubian and Egyptian folklore grassroots musicians, fusing these with a combination of western musical elements, creating a totally unique sound and visual identity.

Our mission is simple; to create music that transcends all cultural barriers. Hybrid Records represents a quality talent pool of hand picked artists and musicians from the motherland Egypt and the Middle East, complimented by the industries leading producers from Europe and the United States. Completing this musical fusion with Grammy award winning producers and multi-platinum, accomplished musicians from both the western and eastern worlds.

We believe that music should celebrate diversity by overcoming our cultural differences during this time of great unrest in the world. We seek only to act as a musical bridge, to create a universal bond for all humanity through our love of music.


  • Renovating and innovating Egyptian musical heritage
  • Promoting intercultural exchange
  • Educating Egyptian society about their own culture
  • Promoting Egypt’s true national image abroad
  • Developing local talents that have no chance of commercial exposure
  • Promoting the Middle Eastern culture and roots to the western audience
  • Bridging the gap between Middle Eastern and Western Cultures
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